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A must have collection of skin regimen best selling and most loved products in portable mini sizes.  Ideal for travel or to try a new routine.  Start with   gentle yet deep cleansing: skin regimen cleansing cream effectively removes make up, SPF residues and environmental impurities like urban dust.  Refresh and revitalize your skin with microalgae essence, moisturize with highly concentrated face cream that protects the skin from pollution and aging. Overnight with the regenerating mask to remove toxins accumulated during the day revealing the best complexion every morning. These vegan-friendly, clean formulas are suitable for all skin types. Made with  FSC paper and 100% recyclable and CO2 offset packaging.Clean your skin daily with the best product. 
COD. 12289


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Super hero products for city-gray skin and for those who lead a dynamic lifestyle. For all skin conditions. Particularly reccommended in case of wrinkles, signs of aging, stress and fatigue. The 100% natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma helps to relieve tension and effect of stress.

CLENSING CREAM : Cleansing and purifying action against environmental impurities and urban dust. *in vitro test on keratinocytes, application of Cleansing Cream. MICROALGAE ESSENCE : '+26% more hydrated skin after 1 hour of product application.** **clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, application of Microalgae Essence, twice a day. TRIPEPTIDE CREAM : For 90% of women skin is more compact** Scientifically tested protective action against environmental oxidative stress *** **self-assessment, 20 women, 28 days, application of Tripeptide Cream, twice a day. ***in vitro test on keratinocytes, application of Tripeptide Cream. NIGHT DETOX : Scientifically tested to improve cell vitality and promote a repairing activity following exposure to urban dust and environmental pollution.** **in vitro test, on keratinocytes, application of Night Detox.
/skin regimen/ cleansing cream:  Mix a small amount of product with water in your hands to create a soft foam. Massage into the skin with gentle circular movements. Avoid the area around the eyes. /skin regimen/ microalgae essence: Place 2 pumps into the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale. With light pressure, carry out patting movements with fingertips from the center of the face outwards and from the chin working upwards, until completely absorbed. /skin regimen/ tripeptide cream Apply every day to face and neck after the essence and the selected booster application. Massage with relaxing movements from the center outwards. /skin regimen/ night detox After using the Microalgae Essence, massage the product onto the skin with movements from the center outwards. Leave on all night. Cleanse the face the following morning.
LONGEVITY COMPLEX™ counteracts the effects of stress and aging accelerators.

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