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A haven of romance 

Located 350 meters above sea level, above terraced lemon and olive groves, the Carusa appears to float on the water. The elegant 11th century palace originally belonged to a wealthy noble family who found refuge in Ravello during the journey to Constantinople. Its 50 rooms offer an incomparable panorama, with balconies overlooking the Amalfi Coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The enchanting interiors are airy and elegant, with carefully chosen period furniture and four-poster beds. Each room and suite of this ancient palace is unique and full of extraordinary historical details which over the centuries continues to be a romantic refuge, providing a floating paradise anchored above the clouds. 

“We chose to partner with Comfort Zone because it reflects our philosophy in the search for high quality, natural products with excellent results that respect the skin and the planet.”

Annunziata Campanile - Spa Manager 

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At Caruso the culture of well-being has become an art, home to one of the Amalfi Coast’s most exclusive wellness centres. The Spa offers a range of Comfort Zone body and facial treatments which will lead to a path of bliss for health of the mind, body and soul.

Immerse yourself in the infinity pool, where the sky meets the sea. A palace where creative idleness reigns supreme; where mind and body are filled while the imagination runs free.

Ideal for moments of pampering and relaxation, three cabins are available to enjoy Comfort Zone body and facial treatments. For those who love the outdoors, some treatments can even be enjoyed outside in the wonderful sea view gardens under an azure sky.

“We offer moments of healthy well-being, to regenerate and reconnect with yourself in a unique sensory journey in partnership with Comfort Zone.”

Annunziata Campanile - Spa Manager 


Hydramemory is the most requested facial treatment by the Caruso guests. Suitable for all skin types, this ultimate treatment provides deep hydration and radiance. The HydraBrush Massage transports the precious Moringa Oil and the fragments of Hyaluronic Acid deep into the skin, restoring compactness, nourishment and luminosity while countering dehydration and premature aging.


Tranquility™ Blend is the most requested Comfort Zone product by the Caruso guests. The signature fragrance of Comfort zone is an exclusive blend that includes essential oils of Cedarwood and Sweet Orange, intentionally created to enhance relaxation and harmony.

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There are endless things to do in Amalfi Coast, from action-packed excursions to culinary adventures. Take a hidden tour of Naples, hike coastal lemon groves or discover a fascinating new exhibition the ‘Art and Sensuality in the houses of Pompeii’ sponsored by the Caruso. Alternatively find solace in the hotel grounds where you can unwind in a yoga class, take walks within the floral gardens or book a personal training session. Whatever your preference a concierge is on hand with recommendations to ensure you enjoy an Italian coastline rich with experiences.

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