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Whether in your day to day life or when you’re on holiday, broad spectrum sunscreen helps protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, reduces the risk of premature-aging, and can help prevent painful sunburns.

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Soaking up the sun on vacation is a true delight, plus a perfect tan gives you an enviably healthy glow. However, it can certainly take a toll on your skin. As much as spending time outside, particularly in sunny weather, can expose your skin to damage and visible signs. Regardless of how rigorous your skincare regime is, unprotected sun exposure can ruin all your hard work and can set you up for potential problems later in life.

Skin damage occurs due to two types of UV light from the sun: UVA and UVB. UVA light is responsible for premature aging, wrinkles and spots, while UVB light can burn and damage the skin. A broad-spectrum sunscreen will be able to protect you from both and it should be a must in your everyday essentials.

[ comfort zone ] offers a range of natural sunblocks and and sustainable sunscreen specifically designed not only to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but also to counter signs of aging and provide moisture to restore the water in your skin. Our sunscreens and sunblocks won’t just protect your skin, but will be a great addition to your everyday skincare routine.

Our Sun Soul line features carefully formulated creams and milks with varying SPF factors for your face and body. With a very high to low protection, they shield the skin from the sun while adding age-corrective, anti-spot and moisturizing properties. Don’t forget to protect your most sensible areas with the help of a water-resistant, 50+ protective stick in a handy pocket-size and ideal for localized areas.

For those looking for a sustainable formulation that will protect their skin as well as the oceans, Water Soul is the best match. A environmentally friendly line including sustainable sunscreen, shower gels and a soothing gel, formulated to ensure high protection and efficacy while minimizing its impact on the environment. How? Thanks to latest generation UVA/UVB filters featured in our formulas and the exclusion of substances harmful to the marine environment such as oxybenzone, octinoxate and zinc oxide.

Make sure to choose the right SPF according to your skin type and apply it regularly. With a high percentage of natural-origin ingredients, [ comfort zone ] formulations will keep you safe from the sun and help you preserve a healthy skin even after a long tanning session. [ comfort zone ]’s conscious suncare range is the perfect complement to a careful skincare regime.

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