Face Moisturizers

No skin care routine is complete without a face cream. Lock in moisture with a lightweight hydrating face moisturizer or nourish and protect with a rich, pro-youth formula.


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Hydration: one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your skin healthy, glowing and rejuvenated. In fact, when dehydrated, all signs of aging – such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles - are amplified and more noticeable. To help your skin protecting itself and preserving the right levels of moisture, what better than a powerful face cream with the right active ingredients to strengthen its barrier and preserve its youthful, resilient nature.

Hydrating face creams not only lock moisture within the skin, but also lock in the underlying skin care products already applied. By sealing in the fortifying ingredients below and preventing them from evaporating from the skin’s surface, face creams also increase the effectiveness of your whole skincare routine.

Whether your skin is oily and needs a lightweight formula, or thirsty and in need of a deeply penetrating formula, our hydrating face creams are specially formulated to meet your skin’s unique needs. Our [ comfort zone ] face moisturizers use active ingredients that your skin needs and deserves. Choose from a variety of night creams and day creams specifically developed for your concerns: from hydration to sensitivity and from oiliness to signs of aging.

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