Where are Comfort Zone products made? Are they made in Italy?

Every [ comfort zone ] product is designed, formulated and produced on our premises and in our laboratories in Parma.  Therefore, they are all made in Italy.

What are the vision and values of the Comfort Zone brand?

At [ comfort zone ] we believe that the balance between beauty and sustainability, what we call “sustainable beauty”, can improve our lives and the world around us. By creating "beauty” we want to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work and of the things they love. For Davines, sustainability represents the brand’s responsibility to ourselves, the people we work with, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate.

What does “zero impact packaging” mean?

The cornerstones on which we base our packaging selection process are: using as little raw material as possible, using recyclable material, optimizing logistics and implementing quality controls to avoid waste. We only use the minimum amount of plastic needed to contain and protect our products; we only use primary packaging and have eliminated external cardboard boxes and if this is not possible, we prefer recycled or compostable materials; when possible, we develop packaging that can be reused; we also use recyclable materials for the creation of our packaging. Several years ago, we adopted a policy of compensation for the emission of greenhouse gas, aiming for “carbon neutrality” of the packaging of our most popular product lines. Davines was the first Italian company in the professional cosmetic sector to join LifeGate's Zero Impact® project.
In 2018, Davines achieved carbon neutrality in packaging for all of the Group’s product lines, compensating Co2 emissions with the creation and protection of forests in various areas of the world and, in particular, by supporting the Ethio Trees project for the regeneration of land and forests in Ethiopia, supporting local farming communities for the procurement of drinking water.

Does Comfort Zone use renewable energy?

The Davines Village is carbon neutral. In our factories and offices, we use only electricity and thermal energy (biomethane) from renewable sources. These inexhaustible sources of energy do not emit CO2, do not pollute, and are constantly renewed. Every product we formulate, design and produce is manufactured using clean energy.

What is the Carta Etica?

“Davines does not aim to be the biggest company in the world, but to be the most beautiful and the most ethical thanks to everyone’s commitment.  Davide Bollati - chairman of the Davines  group (during the 2006 meeting where the Carta Etica was handed out to Davines employees). Our Carta Etica is inspired by the concept of beauty taken from an ancient philosophy that unequivocally associates “beauty” with “goodness”.  After years of work with a philosopher advisor, Davines employees have put together a list of professional values related to behaviour and work ethics, and to the way in which small everyday gestures can improve the work environment. It is basically a tool that helps us to describe how the Davines way of working is conceived and perceived. Unlike strict codes, our Carta does not contain rules or instructions. We work every day to ensure that this cohesion from shared values reverberates in the quality of our services. In this perspective, the Carta Etica has become fundamental for our vision of beauty.

Are Comfort Zone products tested on animals?

As of 2004, European cosmetic regulations prohibit testing of finished products on animals: even before that,

had never used animal testing. As regards raw materials, they stopped being tested on animals only in 2013: as a member of Unipro, [ comfort zone ] has always supported the research of alternative solutions to the testing of raw materials on animals.

Why has Comfort Zone become a B Corp? What does it mean?

The Davines Group has been a B Corp since 2016. The certification awarded by the Italian body B Lab is a result of the company’s new way of doing business, combining profit making with the objective of generating a positive impact on people and on the environment; this is expressed through the continuous development of new projects inside and outside the company to positively affect the environment and the people.


Can I get advice on how to choose the right Comfort Zone products for me?

In our Spas, you will find qualified staff who will be able to recommend the best solution to suit your needs. If you have very specific questions, please contact our Customer Service. Inside every product sheet you will find directions for use and tips on combinations. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

Does Comfort Zone organize professional courses?

We only run courses for certified professionals. You can contact us through the Contact section of our website it.comfortzoneskin.com.


Do Comfort Zone products contain allergens?

Allergens are substances which are usually harmless to most people, but which in some individuals can be sensitizing.

Very common in essential oils, they are also present in the natural component of perfumes.

Some substances declared as allergens have the ability to protect cosmetics against contamination and are therefore recognized as alternative preservatives also approved by green certifications.

Comfort zone chooses fragrances with no or low allergenic content and uses essential oils for an aromatherapy action only in a few lines.

It is possible to recognize the presence of any allergens from the ingredients list, where, if present in the formula, they must be reported.

Do Comfort Zone products contain gluten?

Gluten free claim in the cosmetic field has a different value from that communicated in the food field.

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gliadin, contained in gluten, a set of proteins in turn contained in wheat, barley, rye, spelled and other minor cereals.

It affects the intestinal mucosa causing a reduction in the absorption capacity of the intestine. Cosmetics therefore do not interfere with this intolerance and therefore Comfort Zone does not boast the gluten-free claim.

Do Comfort Zone products contain parabens?

[ comfort zone ] follows the "science based conscious formulas" formulation philosophy which excludes the use of parabens.

Do Comfort Zone products contain silicones?

[comfort zone] follows the formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ which excludes the use of silicones, which have been promptly replaced by alternative substances including natural oils and butters.

In this way we guarantee skin silkiness and softness with a profile that is as sustainable as possible.

Do Comfort Zone products contain sulphates?

[ comfort zone ] follows the formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ which excludes the use of sulfate surfactants in favor of more delicate detergents.

Our Cleaning products stand out for their high performance and appreciable delicacy.

Do Comfort Zone products contain nickel?

nickel may be present in trace amounts in cosmetics as a technically unavoidable impurity (e.g. deriving from raw materials).

There is no test that guarantees the total absence of nickel and this is the reason why [comfort zone] has decided not to carry out the test.

Do Comfort Zone products contain fragrances?

[ comfort zone ] products are mainly distinguished by olfactory notes.

The pleasantness in the use of resale products and professional treatments is an element of excellence that the brand wishes to guarantee.

Cosmetics with refined textures and non-invasive fragrances make the daily beauty routine a memorable moment and invite you to take care of yourself.

Some products are without added fragrances and others are characterized by 100% natural fragrances.

Do Comfort Zone products contain alcohol?

[ comfort zone ] follows the formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ which tries to avoid the use of alcohol which remains a raw material used only where strictly necessary for the effectiveness of the product.

Do Comfort Zone products contain nanomaterials?

[ comfort zone ] follows the formulation philosophy, "science based conscious formulas" which excludes the use of nanomaterials.

Do Comfort Zone products contain preservatives?

Combinations of delicate preservatives and of natural origin, together with the development of formulations predisposed to a physiological good conservation, represent the approach of [comfort zone] to protect products.

Do Comfort Zone products contain UV ray protection?

[ comfort zone ] products, except for specific sunscreens, do not contain sunscreens.

Are Comfort Zone products organic?

[comfort zone] follows the formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ strongly based on the use of raw materials of natural origin.

A high percentage of ingredients of natural origin distinguishes each product.

The SACRED NATURE line is our cosmos ecocert certified line.

Are Comfort Zone products natural?

[comfort zone] follows the formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ strongly characterized by the use of raw materials of natural origin.

Each product is characterized by a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin.

Are Comfort Zone products vegan?

[comfort zone] follows the formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ which excludes the use of ingredients of animal origin. Our products are therefore suitable for vegans.

Do Comfort Zone products have an expiry date?

No, cosmetic products do not have an expiration date.

The legislation establishes that only if the date of minimum duration of the cosmetic product is less than 30 months, this must necessarily be reported on the label. This is the date on which the product, properly stored, continues to fulfill its initial function and remain safe. This period must be indicated with the words "Use preferably by ..." followed by the month and year. If necessary, the conditions to be respected to guarantee it are also specified on the label.

The indication of the date of minimum duration is not, however, mandatory for cosmetic products that have a duration of more than 30 months because they have been tested to maintain their characteristics unaltered for a longer period if properly stored.

What does PAO stand for?

PAO (Period After Opening) indicates the number of months by which a cosmetic product must be used once it has been opened.

What happens if I use Comfort Zone products after the date indicated by the PAO?

the PAO indicates the "Period After Opening" and indicates the recommended period of use, once the package is opened.

After this period the product may lose its effectiveness and the coverage of the preservatives may be decreased.

Are Comfort Zone products suitable for people suffering from skin allergies?

[comfort zone] products are cosmetic formulations to be applied on intact and healthy skin. They are formulated according to legal indications, with certified ingredients, safe for the consumer.

The formulation philosophy, conscious skin science ™ contributes to increasing product safety. However, it is not possible to develop lines suitable for any skin allergy. We suggest to those who suffer from it to carefully read the ingredients list on the back and carry out a patch test before use.

Where are Comfort Zone products made?

The headquarters are located in Parma, the main production site where the formulas are produced.

Can I use Comfort Zone products when pregnant or while breastfeeding?

[ comfort zone ] products are formulated in line with current cosmetic regulations. However, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, strong changes occur in every woman's body which is important not to underestimate.

So, before using Comfort Zone products during pregnancy or breastfeeding, ask your gynecologist or family doctor for advice: knowing your personal history, he will be able to guide you better.

Are Comfort Zone products safe?

[ comfort zone ] products are formulated following the regulations in force together with a strict formulation of the brand. Used according to the instructions on the packaging, they can be considered safe.

Where can I view the list of ingredients for Comfort Zone products?

The ingredient list of each Comfort Zone product is printed on the back of each box or product.

What does INCI stand for?

INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients) is an international name used to indicate on the label the various ingredients present in a cosmetic product.

How do you read the INCI list?

The INCI list includes all the substances used in a cosmetic formula starting with the one found in the highest concentration to the one with the lowest concentration. All the substances included in the formula are listed. In addition, Davines have decided to also include in the INCI list the preservatives of raw materials (this is not required by the law) to ensure maximum transparency about the formulas.

What is the pH value of Comfort Zone products?

Each product, depending on the purpose and area of application, has its own pH range. It is not possible to identify a single pH for all products.

Do Comfort Zone products contain mineral oil or paraffin oil?

[ comfort zone ] follows the formulation philosophy, "science based conscious formulas" which excludes the use of mineral oil or paraffin oil.

We only have paraffin oil in epilating waxes to ensure a high level of performance and tolerability.

I have specific skin problems (psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, etc.), which product can I use?

For specific problems such as these, we recommend you seek the advice of a specialist.

How should I store Comfort Zone products?

[ comfort zone] products must be stored avoiding significant thermal changes and limiting exposure to direct light for long periods.

Do Comfort Zone products contain palm oil?

Palm oil is an ingredient used in the production of some ingredients used in cosmetics.

 comfort zone seeks to have all suppliers associated with the RSPO, a certification body for the sustainable cultivation of palm oil. Together with this approach [comfort zone] follows the differentiation criterion which involves the search for a balance in the use of different oils to reduce the use of palm oil and therefore the environmental impact associated with it.

What method do you use to calculate the percentage of naturalness of your products?

At [ comfort zone], “natural origin ingredient” means an ingredient that retains 100% of its naturalness, even after chemical transformation obtained by means of approved processes. This does not include any raw material with a synthetic component.

What does “modified natural” mean?

The “modified natural” definition applies to ingredients that have a natural part combined with a synthetic part.

What does “synthetic ingredient” mean?

Synthetic ingredients are those that are completely obtained from synthetic reactions. 

What method do you use to calculate the percentage of biodegradability of your products?

Biodegradability is calculated as the sum of the percentage of rapidly biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD 301 method. This method defines as “rapidly biodegradable” an ingredient that exhibits a degradation of at least 70% over 28 days.


How can I apply for a job with Comfort Zone ?

You can visit the Work with us section of our website, in the bottom part of the page.

I am a blogger/journalist, how can I receive information or collaborate with you?

Use the contact form in the “Contact” section of our website, your request will be sent to the relevant department.


Is your question not included in any of the above?

Please contact our Customer Service.


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I would like to distribute Comfort Zone products. Is that possible?

We distribute our products through direct agents. If you are an agent, please send your application to customercare@comfortzone.it and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Can I request a quotation for large orders?

Please send an email to customercare@comfortzone.it , include your details and the type of order you would like to place so that our sales department may contact you as soon as possible.

Where can I find a list of Comfort Zone Spa?

To find the Salon closest to you, use the link to the Spa Locator it.comfortzoneskin.com/salon-locator


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