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Care for your most sensitive skin with gentle creams and balms that alleviate irritation and dryness while reducing the visible signs of aging and fatigue.

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Our eyes and lips can be the biggest conveying of our internal feelings and sentiments. Their movements can be expressive, captivating, and alluring, adding beauty and intrigue to our faces. In addition, some of the most sensitive skin makes up these two areas and undergoes much in the way of makeup application and removal.

The delicate skin surrounding our eyes is often one of the first areas to reveal time’s progression. While a night moisturizer or facial serum can work wonders in keeping your skin hydrated, soft, and supple, a specific eye cream should be utilized to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When it proves difficult to get a full night of rest, a hydrating and refreshing eye cream like Hydramemory Eye Gel, Skin Regimen Eye Cream or Sublime Skin Eye Cream can help you achieve that fresh-faced, youthful glow so you’ll always look like you got a complete eight hours. The key ingredients reduce the appearance of puffiness and correct discoloration from a lack of sleep. Always remember that the removal of eye and lip makeup can affect particularly sensible areas, exacerbating skin issues. Consider implementing a Micellar Water or a Biphasic Makeup Remover to gently remove any makeup trace from your face minimizing the discomfort on your skin.

If your eye contour needs a little extra boost, Sublime Skin Eye Patches are a must. These hydrogel eye masks are enriched with Peptides that absorb into skin and plump it from the inside out. In case of particularly tired or stressed eyes, these effective masks can revitalize your entire appearance and put a little extra pep in your step.

Just as much as your eye area, your lips deserve special care. During harsh winter or particularly dry conditions, remember that your lips are susceptible to the weather and can take even longer to bounce back from harm. Reduce peeling, cracking, and chapping with a smooth, rich lip balm. Skin Regimen Lip Balm is a creamy, nourishing balm that can be applied daily or before bed to help seal in moisture for soft and plump lips.

Taking care of your eyes and lips can prevent tell-tale signs of aging. Nourishing eye gel, hydrating eye cream, and nourishing lip balms give your appearance an added boost and help you put your best face forward. [ comfort zone ] offers a selection of anti-aging and hydrating eye creams that are gentle yet effective in turning back the hands of time. Additionally, key ingredients such as Caffeine, Peptides and Polyphenols harness the power of nature to deliver organic solutions to skin aging.

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