Hands and Feet

Pamper overworked hands and feet with a natural, moisturizing hand cream or a  restorative rich foot cream.  

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Many discussions around skincare routines and beauty regimes focus on the face and the body, but a complete skincare process would not be complete without taking care of your hands and feet. Throughout your daily life, your hands and feet probably work harder than any part of your body, yet rarely get the same attention when it comes to care.

Hydration is vital for your hands and feet as well. Keeping them safe and silky smooth will help you maintaining their health while guarding against calluses and dry, rough patches. The best weapon for this? Deeply nourishing hand and foot creams that will wrap and protect your skin.

[ comfort zone ] Specialist line is designed to provide this specific areas all the care they need with a range of nourishing, hydrating and protecting products. Specialist Hand Cream is a fast-absorbing, nourishing lotion formulated with Sacha Inchi Oil, Panthenol and Omega 3 and 6. It provides a barrier against external aggressors while leaving no greasy residue behind. Slightly richer in texture, our Specialist Foot Cream targets dry feet preventing cracking and preserving the health of the skin. And if you’re looking to treat your hands even more Specialist Hand Oil, formulated with Tamanu and Sweet Almond oil, helps to protect and strengthen your hands and nails, softening the cuticles and providing extraordinary silkiness.

Make sure to check out our /skin regimen/ Hand Cream as well, a lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturizing hand lotion that will nourish the skin to preserve and promote their hydration. Its natural reinvigorating and rebalancing aroma is just the cherry on top.

Pampering your overworked extremities with natural creams is a hugely important part of any skin care and beauty regime. Discover [ comfort zone ] range of hand creams and foot creams that will provide the needed moisture and protection.

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