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We at Davines Group are committed to producing only the highest quality products which meet our uncompromising efficacy and ethical standards. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others totest either our products or ingredients on animals. Animal testing does not align with our values.  

In 2017 we decided not to initiate any new product registrations in China due to animal testing requirements. At the same time, to avoid any future animal testing carried out by the local authorities, we started to look for alternative ways to sell our products in China and avoid any potential animal testing.

Starting in the first quarter of 2021, we will begin domestic manufacturing of our non-special use products, specifically filling them for distribution to the Chinese market in China. This route of domestic manufacturing does not requireanimal testing. By current practice, the local authority does not include animal testing in the registration process of non-special use cosmetics packaged in China and meeting the Chinese safety standards, as our products already do. The Chinese authorities could require post-market animal testing of non-special use cosmetic products filled in China if there were any safety concerns. In this case, the company has the ability to recall the product from the market before any animal tests could happen. While we do not anticipate this being an issue for the Davines Group, we pledge that we will not, now, or ever, take the path of testing on animals.

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